Handicapped Parking

9 January 2014

Undecided whether to park in that disabled parking space? The parking lot is empty and no one is about. Surely it can’t hurt anything for you to park in that spot for 2 minutes while you run into the store. There are no police around to bust you — Who is it hurting?


Handicapped Parking Permit Sign Requires Parking Permit Hang TagThe blue and white indication sign hanging in front of the vacant parking spot states it can carry a fine between $250.00 to $3,000.00 and/or six months in jail for wrongdoers.


Apart from eliminating the civil liberties of the handicap by parking in their spots, you’re troubling businesses that reserve those areas for their clients. As a matter of fact, if a majority of folks adopted the ideology, it will just be a min or two– no person is around to discover so which cares.


Then where does that leave the handicapped individual who needs the parking spot? It leaves them looking for a parking place– possibly one all the way at the other end of the parking area; or, more unfortunately sending them somewhere else as a result of their failure to discover a parking spot.


The elements for qualification to get a handicapped hang tag parking permit differ from state to state. Typically an individual must be certified by a doctor as disabled before the DMV will issue a disabled parking permit placard. Applicants must fill out required paperwork and be certified by a doctor specifying the level of the impairment. In some states, after receiving your license plate and disabled parking permit hang tag placard, the person is additionally issued a permission letter that has to go along with the vehicle making use of the placard.


Those culprits deciding to park in a handicap area affect the lives of those with a limited capacity to walk, a visual handicap, or an incapacitating heart or lung condition. I am simply proposing you check out the website http://www.handicappedfraud.org for information on just how you can help report the transgressors, and stop the laziness that is handicap parking fraud.

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